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Constipation can be caused by too little exercise and by lack of bulk in the diet. As a dog ages, his muscles lose their tone and strength. The muscles in the large intestine become sluggish and the feces do not pass through as quickly as they did when he was young. The longer the feces remain in the intestine, the more moisture is removed, making them very dry.

If the stools become hard and difficult to expel, you can relieve mild constipation by adding Metamucil to the food. Keep the water bowl filled because abundant liquids are important. You can also try adding mineral oilone teaspoon per ten pounds of body weightto the food to soften the stool. Do not pour the mineral oil directly into the mouth, though, because it can pass into the lungs and cause pneumonia. And do not give mineral oil for more than two days, since continued use decreases the absorption of vitamins.

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