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Self Feeding

If your puppy prefers his meal type food drywithout the addition of any liquidyou might like to try something called self feeding, which is becoming very popular. The dog feeds himself from a container in which the dry food is always kept available. He can eat what he wants, when he wants it. When left alone in his “den,” he has something to do; nibbling at his dry food will very likely take the place of nibbling at a chair leg or the corner of a rug.

Also, if you work every day and are kept away from home past the puppy’s regular feeding time, you know that he has food and can satisfy his hunger. An important advantage is that the blood nutrient level is maintained more evenly.

However, when starting self feeding, do not begin at a regular mealtimethat is, when the dog is very hungryor he may gorge himself beyond his needs. Feed him his regular meal, then put out the filled container.

Although some puppies may overeat and become fat on a self feeding regime, most will eat the correct amount to keep their proper weight and continue growing. Dry food usually increases the need for water, so the pup on self feeding should have unlimited access to water.

You may not want to put the puppy entirely on self feeding, in which case you may feed one or even two mixed feedings each day as well. However, keep the self feeding container filled and available at all times.

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