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Turkey Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum of Turkey: Chordata
Class of Turkey: Aves
Turkey Order: Galliformes
Family of Turkey: Phasianidae
Genus of Turkey: Meleagris
Turkey Scientific Name: Meleagris
Turkey Type: Bird
Diet of Turkey: Omnivore
Turkey Size: 70-125cm (28-49in)
Wing Span: 150-180cm (59-71in)
Turkey Weight: 3-11kg (6.6-24lbs)
Top Speed of Turkey: 10km/h (6mph)
Life Span of Turkey: 1-10 years
Turkey Lifestyle: Flock
Turkey Conservation Status: Least Concern
Turkey Colours: Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red
Skin Turkey Type: Feathers
Turkey Favourite Food: Insects
Habitat of Turkey: Forest, shrubland and grassy plains
Average Clutch Turkey Size: 8
Turkey Main Prey: Insects, Nuts, Seeds, Berries
Predators of Turkey: Fox, Snake, Raccoon
Turkey Special Features: Long tail feathers and red throat of the male

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