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American Staffordshire Terrier Dog Breed

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American Staffordshire

Height: 17-19 inches (43-48 cm);

weight: 28-39 pounds (13-18 kg).

It was a cross between a terrier and a Bulldog that produced this breed, and over the years it has been called Half-and-Half, Pit Bullterrier, and Pit Dog.

As the names imply, the dog was bred to fight in the pit, and his character encompasses the tenacity and courage of the Bulldog with the agility and spirit of the terrier. Any color, solid or parti, is permissible, with the smooth, glossy coat short, close, stiff to the touch.

The ears can be cropped or uncropped, although the latter is preferable. The dark, round, low-set eyes are far apart. The head is medium length, with pronounced cheek muscles.

The Staff gives the impression of great strength for his size and is a well-put-together dog, muscular but agile and graceful.

His courage is proverbial. He has an excellent temperament, is gentle with children, and is a natural protector of his property. He must be walked on a tight leash lest he lunge at other dogs.


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