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Bearded Collie Dog Breed Information

Height: 20-22 inches (51 -56 cm);

weight: 40 pounds (18 kg).

The shaggy Bearded Collie comes from Scotland, where for years he has worked as a sheepdog and drover, moving cattle. To work in the rainy, cold climate of the Highlands, the Beardie had to be hardy and strong. His long, lean, wellmuscled body is the inheritance of days of work.

A mediumsized dog, he has a long, abundant, harsh double coat. In color, the Beardie is black, gray (all shades from silver to slate), brown (all shades from sandy to chocolate), and usually has white markings on the feet, legs, chest, head, and tip of tail. The hallmark of the breed is the distinctive beard.

His legs and low-set tail are covered with shaggy hair. Overall, the dog has an aura of alertness and action, and on his face is an inquisitive expression. The Beardie is a family dog. He has a deep-seated desire to please, and is quite easy to train. A bit on the sensitive side, he revels in praise and is crushed by rebuke.

The Beardie is particularly good with children and will herd them back into their own yard. Although he likes wide open space, he adapts 68 to apartment living.

Bearded Collie Dog Breed Information



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