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Bouvier des Flanders Dog Breed Information

Height: 22-27 inches (57-70 cm);

weight: 80-110 pounds.(36-50 kg).

The bearded and mustached Bouvier des Flanders has been known by a variety of names: Vuilbaard (Dirty Beard), Koe Hund (Cow Dog), Toucheur de Boeuf (Cattle Drover), and Bouvier (Cowherder). Needless to say, he is used as a cattle dog and a general farmworker.

He was used extensively to pull milk carts, and during World War I the Bouvier proved his worth as an Army dog. He is a compact, powerfully built dog of upstanding carriage, with an alert, intelligent expression. His rough, tousled, and unkempt coat is capable of withstanding the most inclement weather.

It is a double coat, the outer coat harsh, wiry, and so thick that when separated by hand the skin is hardly visible. The fine, soft undercoat becomes thicker in winter. Despite his heavy coat, brushing once a week is sufficient to handle most of the shedding. In color heranges from fawn to black.

The Bouvier is docile and prefers to stay close to home. His herding instinct is evident when he is with children, for he will round them up.

Bouvier des Flanders 7 300x225 Bouvier des Flanders Dog Breed Information

Bouvier des Flanders Dog Breed Information



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