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Boxer Dog Breed Information

Height: 21-25 inches (53-63 cm);

weight: 55-75 pounds (25-34 kg).

The Boxer, which originated near the turn of the century in Germany, is a medium sized, sturdy dog of square build. He has a short back, strong legs, and a short, shiny, tight-fitting coat. His well developed musculation is clean and hard. The gait is firm, the stride free and ground covering, the carriage proud and noble.

The head imparts to the Boxer a unique stamp. According to the standard “it must be in perfect proportion to the body, never small in comparison to the overall picture.” In color the Boxer is either fawn or brindle. The fawn ranges from light tan to dark red or mahogany, with the deeper shades preferred.

The brindle should have clearly defined black stripes on a fawn background. Used by the military and the police, the Boxer is alert, dignified, and self assured, even at rest. With family and friends, he is playful and affectionate. The Boxer is loyal, protective, and intelligent. He adapts easily to city living and is an excellent watchdog.


Boxer Dog Breed Information



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