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Chihuahua Dog Breed

The smallest of all the breeds is the Chihuahua. He barks more than most dogs, and with good reason so he will be noticed. He is a good size for a small apartment and excellent as a pet for an older person, since he requires little exercise. By the same token, this is not a breed for children.

He feels the cold acutely and likes no better place to sleep than on his master’s bed. That can be a trial, too, for the little dog snores and wheezes. The Chihuahua comes in long- and smooth-coated varieties. In the smooth, the close, glossy coat is softtextured.

In the long, the hair also is of soft texture, either flat or slightly curly. The ears are heavily fringed, and there is feathering on the feet, legs, and tail. There is a large ruff on the neck. Any color solid or marked is permissible. The breed’s origin is obscure.

Most authorities maintain it came from Mexico, but others hold that it originated in Egypt and was then taken to the Mediterranean countries, flourishing on Malta. The Chihuahua belies his delicate appearance for he seldom is ill and lives longer than most dogs. However, he has a predisposition to bad teeth.

Height: 4-5 inches (10-13 cm); weight: 6 pounds (3 kg) maximum.

It’s just the opposite with dogs. The more they know, the more dependable they are. Nine times out of ten it’s subnormal mentality that makes biters and snappers. They snap and bite with the silly idea it’s necessary for selfdefense. They haven’t brains enough to realize human beings are their friends.

But the two fundamental reasons I’ve given only begin to explain man’s really remarkable affection for a socalled dumb animal an affection so nearly universal it has made “Love me, love my dog” a proverb. The answer is to be found in a combination of canine traits whose appeal is almost as elusive and difficult to define as that which binds us to our human friends.

Perhaps the simplest way to put it is this: man has a good working knowledge of the mental and emotional equipment of many domestic animals; dogs are the only animals, domestic or otherwise, that seem not only to understand, but actually to sympathize with the thoughts and feelings of man. It will require but a few days’, or it may be even hours, association with the first puppy or grown dog you can call your own to convince you of this significant and fascinating fact.


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