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But aside from that angle, the setter, whose vision for motionless things is no better than any other dog’s, catches in a split second a signal given by one of a group of four or more horsemen over four hundred yards away, and so accurately that he distinguishes a wave to the left from a wave to the right without so much as a second glance. Apparently he doesn’t need an oculist after all.

You realize, I’m sure, that the handler of the setter used a combination of two senses in getting obedience to his orders, just as you did when you taught Jock to sit or lie down by using both your voice and your upraised hand. If he could have utilized the sense of smell, as well as hearing and sight, he would have been that much better off. There will be times when you begin training for obedience tests or trick work for instance when you will be able to do that and, if you make the most of your opportunities, the results will occasionally be almost startling. In such exhibitions a welltrained performer will take directions from such slight clues as the flick of your finger, the surreptitious wink of your eye, a key word in a long sentence or the scent of an object he is asked to distinguish from a number that look identical.

Without going into further detail for the time being, our talk has brought to our attention the keenness of Jock’s scenting powers, the acuteness of his hearing and his really remarkable ability to distinguish, one from another, two or more sounds that to us seem exactly alike. Also the peculiar quality of his eyesight that makes him notice a tiny brown wood mouse dodging into its hole under a tree, yet fail to recognize his own master standing quietly on the porch not twentyfive feet away. The more you study these phenomena for they are phenomena the better your equipment for making them play into your hands during your training of Jock. Even if this study had no bearing whatever on training, it is in itself a fascinating and highly instructive diversion.

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