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Following this faultless line of logic to its natural conclusion, this particular dog began barking whenever he felt lonesome during the daytime, which he had almost never done before taking the “cure.”

Ingenious owners sometimes rig up a variation of the rap system in the form of a movable stick fastened to the outside of the kennel and operated from the owner’s bedroom by a long wire or cord. When the concert at the kennel begins the owner swears softly and pulls the wire or cord violently with a series of quick jerks. The stick on the kennel raps its warning and the close proximity of the sound may impress the singer much or little, the amount depending on his credulity and desire to please.

A man in Pennsylvania has invented, tested and put in operation an elaborate variation of this method. He cures persistent nocturnal barkers by electrical transcription. The main features of his system consist of a push button in his bedroom, an insulated wire tapped into the ground side of the house wiring system and running from push button to kennel, a sevenwatt light bulb which acts as a fuse, a wire running along the kennel chain and around the dogs collar, and various other (to me) mystifying gadgets. When the dog starts vocalizing the gifted gentleman in the bedroom presses the push button and gives the dog a shock.

One of the best cures is the use of a muzzleof the common strap variety. Put it on your dog when he barks, and scold him as you adjust the straps, which you do in such a way that he can drink and pant comfortably, yet cannot open his mouth wide enough to produce a respectable bark or howl. This is a lifesaver in emergencies because it is invariably successful temporarily, even if it does not result in a permanent cure. For instantaneous results some night when the neighbors have reached the threatening stage, it is unsurpassed.

Already I hear you saying it’s a cruel cure. But there’s nothing cruel about an open strap muzzle properly put on; and it may prove a permanent cure for the barking habit.

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