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Dogs Sleeping With People

Dogs Sleeping With People

Should the puppy be allowed to sleep in your or your child’s bed? By all means, if you want it that way. As long as the pup is sweet and clean and housebroken, no harm will be done to adults or children, except in the rare case of human allergy to dog dander. Taking the puppy with him is one of the best means of persuading a child to go quietly to bed. It is also a great comforter for lonely people, young, old, or middle aged.

So far as the puppy himself is concerned, he sleeps warm and draft free, with no danger of chilling when the house heat goes down. If you are afraid of coddling your puppy, remember that some need coddlingif such a term may be used to mean sleeping warmly. A puppy’s energy is limited; it can be used for keeping warm or for growing. So let him grow.

There are drawbacks to letting the puppy sleep with people. Once you start it, you may have to keep it up. The puppy will be quite definite to tell you that. Furthermore, sleeping covered will “soften” him to a certain degree. He should not sleep in a warm bed one night and alone in a cold room the next.

The short coated, thin skinned little puppy accustomed to sleeping covered should be given a blanket to curl up in for daytime naps. Make a flannel cover for the blanket or pillow, and leave the ends open so he can crawl inside. The older puppy knows enough to do this. When it is warm, he’ll sleep outside; when it is chilly, he’ll crawl in, snug as a bug in a rug. If you have occasion to board out a dog that has always slept in bed, tell the kennel so they will provide the additional night warmth required. If they cannot, then board the dog elsewhere.

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