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The development of a six month old puppy may be compared with that of a ten year old child; the year old dog with the youth of fifteen. After two years, the dog’s aging slows, with each single year equaling about four years in man. Dogs generally begin to show their age at about eight years.Not all breeds grow old at the same time, however, and what constitutes an old dog is different for each breed and each dog. An Irish Wolfhound or St. Bernard, for example, may begin to slow down at six, while a smaller breed may not show signs of age until he is ten.

Helping Your Dog Live Longer
We are never ready to give up our loving companion, so how do we help him to live longer? The puppy with long lived parents has a better chance of reaching a good old age if he is correctly fed, housed, and cared for. A secure fenced in yard is very important to the life of today’s dog. If you have a backyard, enclose it, so that you can open your door and let your dog go out by himself. The sort of fence that helps keep your dog in and stray dogs out will prolong your life, too, perhaps, since you won’t be forever worrying about where your dog is. He’ll be safe.

As dogs grow old, their bodies go through natural aging processes. There is a slowing up in every way, usually so gradual we hardly notice the changes taking place. Much as we regret the effects of age, we have to accept them. It is best to know what to expect so that we can be ready to deal with it.

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