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Excessive Shedding in Dogs

Excessive Shedding in Dogs

Excessive Shedding

It may seem as though some dogs are continually shed ding. Those quartered out of doors shed more definitely in the spring and fall, whereas those kept in the house may cast their coats more or less constantly. Experts believe that the natural light cycle has something to do with it. At any rate, to control continual shedding, try mixing into the food a spoon ful of vegetable oil per pound of dry food, or add a food sup plement for the skin and coat containing linoleic acid, such as Linatone.

You might also try sponging the coat with a mixture of equal parts bay rum and water, then dry thoroughly. Brush the dog daily as usual, and massage the skin with your fingers to loosen as much dead hair as possible. Do not bathe unless absolutely necessary, since overbathing (especially with the wrong shampoo) could dry the skin and cause itchiness. Worms, too, may cause brittleness and shedding of the hair. So have the dog checked for worms. 144.)

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