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Famous quotes about dogs

Famous quotes about dogs

One day

when her Leghorns were about a month old, she put sixty of them in a new wireenclosed run where there was plenty of fresh green grass. She then called her Airedale, Doc, and the pair rode away in her feeble old Ford to spend the day with a friend in a village eight or ten miles distant. On the return trip the car broke down and it was well after dark before the woman and her dog reached home. To make matters worse, a cold rain had fallen and the wouldbe chicken raiser suddenly realized her new run contained no coop for shelter.

In a panic, she lit her lantern and hurried out to her chickens. Doc followed; but he had been taught to keep away from feathers and waited outside the run as the worried woman began searching for her chicks. It was very dark, the grass was wet and matted and she realized they must already be dead or too chilled and watersoaked to move.

Suddenly she heard an anxious whine at her side. Despite his training, Doc had jumped the low wire fence and with that neverfailing nose of his had located a chicken, lying halfdead under the matted grass, too weak to make a move or sound. You can fill in the rest of the story.

I need only say Doc found and picked up every last one of those sixty chicks and a few minutes in a warm oven brought them back to normal again. If hehad not decided here was a case where a rule was made to be broken his mistress would have lost more than half her entire flock.

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