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Fast Dog Training

Fast Dog Training

The first lesson is to have him walk beside you on your left. This is called heeling. Keep the leash short so the dog must stay close. It is better to start in a quiet secluded area, where there are no distractions. As you start walking say “Rover, heel.” If he lags, give the lead a few quick jerks to get him alongside and repeat the command. When he does, praise him. Should he walk ahead of you, give him a “Rover, no,” and pull him back in position. Remember, he learns by repetition. When you feel he is making progress, take him to the street. Always use the word “Heel.” After a successful session, reward with a puppy biscuit. However, the best reward a dog receives is your praise. He wants to please you.

Next lesson is the “Sit.” With the leash in your right hand, and the dog on your left side, give the order “Sit.” At the same time, press down on his rump with your left hand while your right hand pulls his head up and in position with the leash. Then praise. Repeat the exercise and perhaps this time give him a puppy biscuit. Soon he will learn without your having to push his rump down. If he should lie down, get him up to the proper position, so he knows what you want.

After the sit comes the “Down.” This can be done similarly as the sit, except you pu 11 h is front Iegs out from u nder hi m with the right hand.

The final command is “Come,” and this can be the most difficult. Some trainers go to the room where the pup has been confined and call him by saying “Rover, come.” His natural tendency is to run to you, especially if he has been alone for a few minutes. Each time you do it, repeat the word and praise him when he responds. Another method is to call the pup, “Rover, come,” and pat the floor, your leg, or squeak a toy. If 14 you call him and he doesn’t respond, a light rope attached to his collar can be used. If he resists; repeat the command, along with a few yanks. It may be necessary to haul him all the way. When he arrives, give him lavish praise.

Never work too long and don’t train if you are tired. You must be firm when giving an order and the dog must obey. When he disobeys, scold him. Get him accustomed to one- word commands and always use the same “No,” “Heel,” “Down,” “Good,” “Bad.” The most important words in the dog’s training lexicon are “No” and “OK.”

The dog learns by associating what he does with the con-sequences of that behavior. If it is something that brings pleasure praise, petting, or a snack he is likely to repeat that behavior. Never call a dog to punish him it only encourages him not to obey.


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