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Field and Sussex Spaniel

Field and Sussex Spaniel

Field height 18 inches (46 cm); weight, 35-50 pounds (16-23 kg).

Sussex: height, 15 inches (38 cm); weight, 35-45 pounds (16-20 kg).

Two of the rarest breeds in the world are the Field and Sussex spaniels. In 1967, when three Fields were registered with the A.K.C., none had been recorded in 26 years and only seven since 1929. He is lower slung than a Cocker. Black /liver, red, or tan, the coat is flat or slightly waved, and never curly.

It is silky in texture, glossy and sufficiently dense to resist the weather. The Field’s head, his outstanding characteristic, should convey the impression of high breeding and nobility.

He has an even disposition: those who own the Field say he fits into the household very nicely.

From 1961 to 1969 only three Sussex were registered by the A.K.C. The rich golden color, which is a highlight of the breed, also has created problems. Some sportsmen claim it is difficult to see the Sussex when hunting, because his golden coat blends with the land.

The dog’s long, wide head is carried not much above the level of the back. His abundant coat is flat or slightly waved. The tail is docked. His short legs have heavy bones. The Sussex is not a particularly fast dog but he trains well and is a willing worker. He is inclined to howl a bit, and when hunting he gives tongue.


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