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Golden Retriever Training

Golden Retriever Training


You owe proper training to your Golden Retriever. The right and privilege of being trained is his birthright; and whether your Golden Retriever is going to be a command just as fast; he must walk quietly at “Heel,” whether on or off lead. He must be mannerly and polite wherever he goes; he must be polite to strangers on the handsome, well-mannered housedog and companion, a show dog, or whatever possible use he may be put to, the basic training is always the same—all must start with basic obedience, or what might be called “manner training.” Your Golden Retriever must come instantly when called and obey the “Sit” or “Down” street and in stores. He must be mannerly in the presence of other dogs. He must not bark at children on roller skates, motorcycles, or other domestic animals. And he must be restrained from chasing cats. It is not a dog’s inalienable right to chase cats, and he must be reprimanded for it.


How do you go about this training? Well, it’s a very simple procedure, pretty well standardized by now. First, if you can afford the extra expense, you may send your Golden Retriever to a professional trainer, where in 30 to 60 days he will learn how to be a “good dog.” If you enlist the services of a good professional trainer, follow his advice of when to come to see the dog. No, he won’t forget you, but too-frequent visits at the wrong time may slow down his training progress. And using a “pro” trainer means that you will have to go for some training, too, after the trainer feels your Golden Retriever is ready to go home. You will have to learn how your Golden Retriever works, just what to expect of himand how to use what the dog has learned after he is home.

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Write to your national kennel club for the location of a training club or class in your locality. Sign up. Go to it regularly every session! Go early and leave late! Both you and your Golden Retriever will benefit tremendously.


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