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How often should I change dog foods?

How often should I change dog foods?

Vary the Procedure

Once the dog is fairly well housebroken, use a different door to get to the yard. Also, change the place the dog is ex pected to use. If a particular spot becomes too firmly fixed in his mind, he may refuse to go anywhere else.
Attach his leash and walk him around to another section of the yard or along the street. Lead him over grass, gravel, dirt, pavement, anywhere at all so long as the footing differs. Variety of terrain is very important. Dogs broken only in grassy yards have to be taught to use the highway; and city dogs, knowing only pavements and streets, have refused to use natural ground until trained to it.

Some dogs become so dependent on their owners that they will not listen to anyone else. When taken out by a person other than his owner, such a dog may make himself sick rather than relieve himself. Once the dog is housebroken, let a neighbor or a responsible child walk him occasionally. This will teach the dog that going out is more important than who taka him out.

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