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Mistakes and Corrections

There will be mistakes at first, perhaps many of them, until your dog learns control. To correct him properly you must be right there at the time, not five minutes or even two minutes later. Stoop down, look him in the eye, and scold “Shame!” “Shame!” Take him out at once, even though this particular visit may not bring results.

Do not spank the puppy for mistakes. Do not rub his nose in his urine or bowel movements. Do not mishandle him in any manner whatsoever except perhaps to grasp him by the collar or back of the neck to hold him still as you look him in the eye. Spanking will frighten the puppy and he may hide his excrement next time in a dark corner or beneath a chair. To terrify him by spanking makes him think his waste matter is wrong, or at least that would seem to be the way he figures it out. Puppies spanked while being house trained will continue this unpleasant behavior.

Remember that very young puppies do not have full control over their bladder or bowel movements. Petting or an unexpected motion on your part may cause instant dribbling. This is an act associated with submissive behavior.

Never scold the puppy at a time like this. Instead, try to avoid actions that trigger the dribbling. For instance, if the puppy urinates when you come home after an absence or when you bend down to pet him, don’t make a fuss over the dog when you come in the door, and crouch down, instead of bending over, to pet him. Obedience training will help build a submissive dog’s confidence level.

Qnn away all mistakes, using soap and water and a commercial odor neutralise? until the spot cannot be recog* mard for what it was. A solution of equal parts ammonia or white vinegar and water can be used on nip Careless clean ing is a striae against the pupil, since he will always want to visit a spot that has been visited before, either his own or that of another dog.

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