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How To Undo Your Dog’s Tangles

Along with a brush and comb, you should also purchase a canine coat conditioner, a specially formulated product with conditioning oils that is sprayed lightly onto the hair before brushing it. It will add a shine to the hair that will deepen and enrich the natural coat color, but more important, it will help remove any tangles. Spray the conditioner into any matted clumps, then ease them apart gently, holding the tuft close to the skin with your thumb and forefingers. Don’t hurt the dog by pulling.

Mats of tar or chewing gum can be removed by rubbing them with peanut butter and easing them gently out of the hair. Another method is to rub an ice cube over the gum or tar. It will become brittle and pull out of the hair. Tangles of burrs can be worked out of the coat without harm by saturat ing them with mineral oil.

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