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Jock may have no such spectacular gift

Jock may have no such spectacular gift

Jock may have no such spectacular gift, but he is bound to have some characteristics peculiar to himself. Watch for these and other straws that show which way his mental and physical breezes blow and turn them to account. A very common straw of this kind is the pleasure most dogs derive from chasing and picking up thrown articles, and the natural inclination to bring them back to the thrower to be tossed out again.

These two perfectly normal traits are responsible for the talented tyke that goes to the door when the postman rings, gets the morning mail and delivers it to his master at the breakfast table or in the library. They also explain the gallantry of the dog that carries a bundle or basket of groceries for his mistress when he and she go shopping together.

BUT and it’s a good big “but” instinct, inclination and physical adaptability, while pennies from Heaven as a basis for successful instruction in trick work, are frequently rank counterfeits unless supplemented by strict and very thorough training. For they are a very uncertain quantity and the trainer who depends on them for results is very likely to be thrown for a loss when at a critical moment his temperamental star decides he’s not in the mood to go through with his act.

Trick dogs should be taught to be good “troupers” and that the play must go on whether or no they feel like giving a performance. So, without discounting the value of Jock’s enthusiasm over performing some clever trick, remember that while it is a great asset, your insistence that he invariably do that trick at your command is a still greater one.

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