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Jumping Up on People


Jumping Up on People

Jumping up on people on the street or in the home can be annoying, embarrassing, and frightening to strangers. It is a bad habit that, if caught early, can be easily broken. It is un fair to allow your dog to jump up when you’re wearing work clothes, then to resent it when you are dressed to go out.

The dog can’t tell the difference. As the animal leaps toward you in greeting, bring your knee up and bump the dog in the chest or, if it is a visitor who is being jumped on, instruct him to do the same. If this does not work, try reaching out with one foot and stepping on his hind toes, and he will soon understand that his greeting must be given on all fours.

Do not discourage the greeting entirely, however, lest you repress the dog for his expression of joy. Instead, as you correct him for an unnecessarily boisterous greeting, substitute an other form: The moment he is on all fours, pet him or shake hands with him, if he has learned that enjoyable trick.

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