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Kerry Blue Terrier Dog Breed Information

Kerry Blue Terrier Dog Breed Information

Kerry Blue Terrier Dog Breed

Born in the mountains of County Kerry, the Kerry Blue has been known as a sporting terrier for more than a century in Ireland, where he was used for farm work and all manner of hunting and retrieving. Puppies are usually born black, then clear to their blue color by eighteen months of age.

The head is long, with flat cheeks and powerful jaw, and small dark eyes that are very keen in expression. The back is short, the legs fairly heavy in bone, the tail docked and upstanding. The coat is soft and wavy.

WEIGHT: 30 40 pounds, HEIGHT: 17 20 inches,

COLOR: deep slate to light blue gray.

GROUP: Terrier.

Before You Buy

In owning a dog, you assume a great responsibility. Not only will you have to spend many hours training, feeding, and exercisi ng the pup but you must be prepared to take the ani mal out at night and consider what you will do with the dog if you go away. A prospective owner also should consider the cost. There may be visits to the veterinarian, a boarding kennel, and with some breeds poodles, terriers, and several of the sporting variety frequent trips to grooming salons.

Then you must do some soul-searching. What type of dog would best fit your mode of life? How much time can you spend in training? Who will do the exercising? Does your family want a dog? Are the children old enough so they won’t abuse the animal? If the children are the ones who are so anxious to have the pet, will they be will ing to take care of it?

If you then decide to get the dog, what size, type, and sex do you want? Will it be long- or shorthaired, a purebred or a mutt? A purebred has been bred true to type for many generations.

8 You know its characteristics: its size, color, and potential as a hunter, retriever, watchdog. The mongrel is a mixture and it is a gamble. The cuddly pup may grow to be a giant. Never buy a puppy on impulse, for the little ball of fur is the world’s best salesman. You will spend many years with him.

Some people choose a dog to reproduce their own personal-ity, others to complement or compensate for lack in their own image. Many want the Canis familiaris as a status symbol. But there are still others that simply want a responsive friend.

Terriers fit nicely into a home where there may be some rough-housing. Most of the toy breeds are too fragile for children. However, toys make excellent pets for the senior citizen since these little dogs can be paper-trained and require almost no exercising.

If you want a watchdog, it isn’t necessary to have a giant animal. Any canine has sharp hearing and will bark an alarm. Although many of the larger dogs are quiet and easy to man-age, obviously you will have space problems in a small apartment with a Great Dane, Newfoundland, or St. Bernard.

It doesn’t really matter whether you buy a dog or bitch. Some people feel the bitch is the more affectionate, better with children, and easier to housebreak, but much depends on the individual animal and its training.



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