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Landseer Dog Breed Training

Landseer Dog Breed Training

When he has all this down pat and I doubt if it will take as long as you might imagine you can forget your leash or cord and, when you think it wise, gradually raise the obstacle to the required height. At this point you can help things along by using a long stick or broom handle instead of the hurdle, holding one end tightly against a post or tree and holding the other end in your hand. But be sure to keep the stick horizontal. The stick has another advantage besides its handiness: it makes Jock understand he is to jump over an object he could duck under just as well. Keep on ordering him to “down” after each jump before leaping back to the other side again. Then he will be constantly under your control. And don’t forget the kind words and pats on the head when he does his work well.

To teach the broad jump the system is practically the same. Begin with a jump of not more than two feet, which, as in stepping over the hurdle, you take with the dog. Use the leash or cord as you did in the highjumping lessons, and as an added precaution set the obstacle at right angles to a wall or the side of a building and tightly against it. When Jock jumps the full four or six feet required for his breed without either leash or cord, it is only a matter of perfecting his form. If he is sloppy about clearing the distance cleanly over the broadjump obstacle or the highjump hurdle do as is done at the horseracing tracks put a little brush from one of your small shrubs on the barrier. Jock will not fancy the feel of it if he is lazy or careless and will try to make his jumps good and clean.

The directions given here for teaching high and broad jumping cover the fundamentals, but you wTill learn much for yourself by working with Jock, watching the tests at the shows, talking with judges and exhibitors and by studying the requirements as set down in the Kennel Club pamphlet already mentioned. A fairsized book might be written on training for obediencetest work alone. The suggestions I have offered will give both you and Jock a start in the right direction, however, and, if you happen to have a natural flair for training, you may even discover ways to modify and improve them.

Now for the next chapter and something a little more difficult teaching Jock to retrieve.


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