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Objectionable Habits in Females

Objectionable Habits in Females

The female dog, prompted by a desire to mate, occasionally tries to mount a male or another female. When this happens during a seasonal period it is a natural occurrence. It is obvious, though, that the female should be isolated at such times.

Should this behavior continue when she is not in season, your female should be examined by the veterinarian, since ovarian cysts or tiny growths in the vagina may be the cause. Furthermore, the odor given off by cysts and infections may attract the attention of male dogs, who will probably attempt to breed her.

Infections of this kind may cause a female to undergo seasonal periods more often than normally. She is not actually “in season,” although she appears to be for a period of a few days at a time when she discharges a very small amount of mucus. If the female comes in season, or seems to, at other than her regular six month intervals, she should be examined by a veterinarian. Two periods per year are enough; more than two would suggest spaying 60 61) to avoid any chance of malignancy.

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