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Paper Training and Housebreaking

The chances are that your puppy was started on paper training when he was weaned; even so, he is by no means perfectly broken as yet. He is too much of an infant to remember anything very long. So let’s start again from the beginning.Paper trainingstandard practice for puppies too young to go outdoors (especially those that are not fully immunized), or those not yet physically or mentally developed means teaching the puppy to relieve himself on spread newspapers. Although paper training is convenient, to save the trouble and possible frustration of having to retrain the pup to go outdoors when he is older, it’s better to start taking him outside from the beginning. However, papers should be kept at one end of the puppy’s sleeping place or den for emergencies. Paper training is particularly suitable for small dogs and for apartment living.

Cover a three by four foot area of the floor in the pup py’s den with several layers of newspaper. If the floor is slippery, tape down the corners of the papers to keep them from sliding. Following a nap, the puppy is usually ready to urinate. If you can be on hand just as he wakes, so much the better; if not, wake him gently after a reasonable period of sleep. Place him on the paper immediately. Do this the first thing every morning, after each meal or drink of water, after play periods or naps, and before bedtime. You will be surprised how soon he connects the feeling of paper beneath his feet with the duty expected of him. Always praise him so he will know that he has pleased you.
Burning all soiled papers is the most sanitary method of disposal, but while the puppy is learning, save one soiled piece to remind him what the papers are for. Puppies, in fact all dogs, prefer to use a spot they have visited before, so take advantage of this during the early stages of paper training. However, remove all droppings promptly so the puppy doesn’t play with them.

For the first few days, cover a large area with papers so the puppy is more likely to locate them, then gradually reduce the size of the papered space until it covers only a small corner of the den.

Watch him closely. When you see him sniffing the floor, hurrying round and round, he probably needs to relieve himself. Pick him up quickly and put him in the proper spot. Then be liberal with your praise. He may leave a trailwhen he starts, he can’t stopand though one spot may be easier to clean up, remember the object is to train your puppy, and the proper place must be associated with the deed.

Bullmastiff 8 150x150 Paper Training and HousebreakingIf you prefer to train your puppy to go outdoors from the very first, you can do so, provided he is fully immunized against certain canine diseases. Puppies taken outdoors can pick up disease from places where infected dogs have urinated or defecated. The puppy is protected, however, when properly inoculated.

For dogs that will eventually urinate and defecate out doors, this is the wiser course. It means that you must be ready to take the puppy out the first thing in the morning usually early morning, tooin the beginning. Since a puppy needs to eliminate right after meals, that means another four trips, and still another walk just before bedtime. That makes six trips at least, especially while the puppy is young. It may seem like more trouble than paper training, but you will not have to retrain when switching from papers to the outdoors.


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