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Pekingnese Dog Breed Information

The Pekingese was sacred to Chinese emperors as far back as the Tang dynasty of the eighth century. Theft of a sacred dog was once pun ishable by death. After the British looted the Imperial Palace at Peking in 1860, one of four dogs smuggled out was presented to Queen Victoria and a vogue began. Here is a dignified toy with courage far beyond his size. His head is broad and massive, muzzle extremely short, broad, and wrinkled.

The eyes are dark and prominent. The body is deep, compact, bigboned, and lionlikeheavier in front than in back. The short forelegs are unusual in that the bones of the forearm are bowed. The feathered tail lies over the back to either side, and the coarse, thick coat has a profuse mane which forms a ruff or frill around the neck.

WEICHT: under 14 pounds, HEIGHT: 6 9 inches,

COLOR: red, fawn, black, black and tan, sable, brindle, white, and parti colored, frequently with black mask and spectacles.


Foreign Travel

Traveling with your dog abroad, of course, is more complicated. International travel requirements vary considerably from country to country. Readers who plan to travel overseas with a dog should arrange their itineraries well in advance, and should contact the embassy (in Washington, D.C.) or nearest consulate of the country they plan to visit for specific entry requirements.

Almost every foreign country requires a health certificate and current proof of rabies vaccination. Check with your veterinarian well ahead of departure date about these. Once you obtain the documents, take them along to be examined by customs officials when you enter a foreign country. Certain countries, however, may require that these certificates be validated beforehand by a veterinarian from the United States Department of Agriculture, and then legalized by the consulate of the nation you are planning to enter.

A few countries do not admit dogs, and a few others including Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and certain Caribbean islandsimpose quarantines on dogs ranging up to six months, during which time the dog will be confined before entering the country.

Some but not all steamship companies offer kennels for dogs. Be sure to ask, before ing passage, which ships carry dogs and which do not. All of the major airlines carry dogs to Europe and the Far East. Here, too, it’s best to get in touch with each air carrier about special regulations. Or you can obtain the services of a kennel or pet shipping service which specializes in the boarding and shipping of animals to and from almost anywhere in the world. They will arrange for the necessary documents, make travel reservations, and provide special traveling carriers. Such agents are listed under “Pet Transportation” in the classified section of the phone directory.




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