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Puma Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum of Puma: Chordata
Class of Puma: Mammalia
Puma Order: Carnivora
Family of Puma: Felidae
Genus of Puma: Puma
Puma Scientific Name: Felis concolor
Common Name: Puma
Other Name(s): Cougar, Mountain Lion
Group: Mammal
Number Of Species: 7
Location: North and South America
Habitat of Puma: mountain forest and jungle
Puma Colours: Brown, Red, Yellow, Grey
Skin Puma Type: Fur
Size (H): 1.1m – 2m (43in – 78.7in)
Puma Weight: 67kg – 105kg (148lbs – 231.5lbs)
Top Speed of Puma: 45kph (30mph)
Diet of Puma: Carnivore
Prey: Rats, Deer, Sheep
Predators of Puma: Bears, Wolves, Puma
Puma Lifestyle: Crepuscular
Group Behaviour: Solitary
Life Span of Puma: 10 – 15 years
Age Of Sexual Maturity: 2 – 3 years
Gestation Period: 3 months
Average Litter Puma Size: 4
Name Of Young: Cub
Age Of Weaning: 2 months
Puma Conservation Status: Least Concern
Estimated Population Puma Size: 50,000
Biggest Threat: Habitat loss
Most Distinctive Feature: Has a solid-coloured coat of fur
Fun Fact: Has longer back legs than front legs!


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