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Ireland’s contribution to the respected family of bird finders first came into prominence in the early eighteenth century. Believed to be the result of English Setter Spaniel Pointer crosses with a dash of Gordon Setter.

Sportsmen used early Irish Setters for falconry. Originally colored red and white, but solid colors were developed in the nineteenth century. The Irish Setter is a graceful yet substantial dog, deep bodied and strong.

His head is long and lean, muzzle moderately deep and square, ears set low and hanging close to the head. The somewhat almond shaped eyes are dark to medium brown. The coat is flat, with longer feathering on the ears, chest, underbody, legs, and outstretched tail.

WEIGHT: males about 70 pounds; females about 60 pounds, HEIGHT: males about 27 inches; females about 25 inches,

COLOR: mahogany or rich chestnut red.

GROUP: Sporting.

Setter Irish Shake Hands!

Even a young puppy can learn to “shake hands” because it takes no special strength or skill. It is natural for any dog to lift a paw in greeting or to attract attention. The point is to make him put out one paw when you tell him to do so.

We will now stress the importance of the Sit and the Sit Stay exercises. 71 72 and 84 85.) If your puppy has not learned these, teach them first. You will have to use them constantly. In the Sit, of course, the dog sits beside you facing straight ahead, while in the Sit Stay he sits and remains seated as you walk away from him.

Order the leashed pup to Sit Stay, as you stand facing him. Now stand quite close and a little to one side. Lean to ward him. This will make him draw back and raise one foot. If he does not raise his foot, tap it lightly. Whichever paw he raises as you lean over him, take that paw in your hand and shake it gently as you say “Shake hands!”
There seem to be right handed and left handed dogs, so at the start you never know which “hand” you are going to shake. Take the one offered, then later you can teach the pup to shake first with one and then the other.

After you shake the first, say “Now the other one!” If he keeps offering the same paw, just nudge the other one and he will give it to you. Re member the phrase “Good Rover” as you give him a tidbit. As this trick is masteredit won’t take longstand away from the dog rather than close to him, and finally do it without the leash.


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Setter Irish


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