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Siberian Husky Dog Breed

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky was developed centuries ago by the Chukchi people of Siberia as an endurance sled dog and general beast of burden. In fairly recent times, he was used in Alaska as a racer in sweepstakes contests, where his great energy enabled him to track a snowbound course sometimes 400 miles long. He has a powerful body, with deep chest, wellmuscled shoulders and hindquarters.

His head, of medium size, tapers toward the eyes; his muzzle is of medium length, his lips tight, and the ears erect and well furred. The keen lighted eyes are slanting; they can be brown or blue in color, and one of each color is also acceptable. The furry fox brush tail rides over the back in a graceful sickle curve, and the coat is thick and dense.

Weight: males 45 to 60 pounds; females 35 to 50 pounds, HEIGHT, males 21 23V2 inches; females 20 22 inches, color: all colors from black to pure white. group: Working.

Collecting Fecal Samples Siberian Husky

Your veterinarian may want to examine a fresh sample of your dog’s feces to diagnose certain diseases or to determine the presence of internal parasite eggs. Collecting a fresh fecal sample is easy. Once the dog has a bowel movement, pick up a sample (try not to include dirt, grass, or other objects) and transfer it to a clean, airtight container or seal it in a plastic bag. Print your name and address on a label and attach it to the sample for proper identification.

Separating Fighters Siberian Husky
If a strange dog attacks your dog on the street, you are going to need help to separate the two. If someone can bring some water to dash on the fighters, or better still, douse them with a water hose, that is probably the easiest way.

One dog is usually the attacker. If he can be grabbed by the tail and pulled hard, he will turn around to see what is happening and thus lose his hold. Or if you can get help, have another person grab him firmly and quickly beneath his stomach and raise his hind legs off the ground, while you do the same with your dog, to break their leverage and separate them. To prevent the dog from being able to turn and bite you, hold him as high off the ground as possible until he cools down.

There are a number of actions that will cause fighting dogs to break apart; try to get an object like a stick, a trash can lid, your jacket or coat between the two animals. They often will become frustrated and stop biting each other. Loud noises also work well. They can create a momentary stunning effect that allows you to take control of the situation. If the dogs are males and you have no assistance, as a last resort try to get in a position where you can pinch the testicles. That usually takes the fight out of them for the moment. When the fight is stopped and you grab your dog, have a helper ready to shield you. The still infuriated attacker could try to reach your dog and may strike you. The nosy dog that bothers your dog when you go for a walk is often a cause for great annoy ance. Your dog is on leash, the other dog is not, so you have a difficult time snubbing him. He may not be a fighter, perhaps he merely wants to sniff your dog and follow along after the two of you. Carry a water pistol in your pocket. A squirt or two in the face will dampen his enthusiasm.

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Siberian Husky Dog Breed

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