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Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Dog Breed

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Dog Breed Information

Although his origins are obscure, the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier has been known in Ireland for more than 200 years, where he was used to hunt small game, to kill vermin, and to guard herds. He is probably an ancestor of the Kerry Blue Terrier.

He is a charming medium size sporting terrier, squarely built, with a deep chest and gaily carried docked tail. His head is rectangular in appearance, with a strong muzzle and dark reddish brown or brown eyes. He is distinguished by his soft, silky, and gently wavv wheaten colored coat, which covers his entire body, legs, and head.

WEIGHT: 30 40 pounds, HEIGHT: 17 19 inches,

COLOR: any shade of wheaten.

GROUP: Terrier.

Bandaging and Restraint

Bandage muzzleA muzzle made of gauze bandage is used when a dog may be tempted to bite from fright or pain during the trimming of nails, the treatment of wounds, or when in shock or hurt from an accident. The width of the gauze bandage will depend on the length of the dog’s nose, but ordinarily the one and a half or two inch size will be correct, even if it has to be folded over for the shorter faces.

Depending on the size of the dog, cut a 24 or 36 inch long strip. With the ends of the bandage hanging down over the sides of the muzzle, place the center over the nose. Bring the bandage down around the muzzle under the chin, form a loop, and tie with a fairly loose knot, then bring the ends back on each side of the face behind the head and tie with a bow knot. Adjust the bandage tightly enough to hold the jaws closed but not so tight as to make breathing uncomfortable. Put on a muzzle of this kind once in a while just for practice; it will teach you how to do it, and your dog will learn not to mind it.

A bandage muzzle has many uses. If, for example, your dog has been struck by a car, he may be in such pain that he doesn’t recognize you and must be restrained before you can handle him.

Jacket bandageThis bandage is used to hold throat compresses and poultices in place, in pneumonia where chest rubbing may be indicated, and for drying up lactating fe males whose breasts have been daubed with camphorated oil. Such coverings are helpful when fresh air is important but when drafts may be deadly. They also protect furniture and bedding from being smeared with salves and oils.

Fit the jacket from belly to back. For the front legs cut two holes in a square of freshly laundered cloth which is brought up around the throat and ribs, then sewn or taped across the back. A few minutes and a bit of ingenuity will produce a jacket that will be comfortable and reasonably wrinkle free. The cold or pneumonia jacket is usually made of lightweight flannel, while one for greasy salves or dressings is made of cotton material.

Protective collarAn Elizabethan collar is standard equipment to keep a dog from licking wounds, tearing off bandages, and biting sores or stitches. You can buy a prefabri cated vinyl Elizabethan collar from most veterinary hospitals, or you can make your own by cutting a semicircular piece of heavy cardboard, the inner circumference fitted to the dog’s neck. Make it wide enough to reach about to the tip of the muzzle. In the two straight sides puncture eyelets, and through the eyelets run a cord or shoelace to pull the collar together. When tied, it looks something like a lampshade worn around the neck. It is very effective and, being light in weight, rarely annoys the dog. In fact, most dogs feel “dressed up” in it and wear it proudly.

Nail tapingIt’s a good idea to tape the nails of dogs suffering from eye disease or injury to prevent further tearing of the eye by the upper inside toenail. Even when this nail is trimmed and filed, it can scratch the eye because the dog uses considerable force as he paws it.

The toenail on the same side as the injured eye is the one that does the damage. With surgical or first aid tape, wrap this paw completely, covering the nail. Keep the tape on until sometime after the eye has returned to normal. Boots can be purchased for the same purpose; here all the nails are covered, which is very good in cases of eczema and skin infections that cause constant scratching.



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Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Dog Breed


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