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Spaniel Clumber Dog Breed

Spaniel Clumber Dog Breed Information

The Clumber is the heaviest of the English sporting spaniels, named for Clumber Park, the Duke of Newcastle’s estate in Nottingham. He is a dignified dog, long bodied, heavy boned, and low to the ground. It is thought that his long, low body resulted from crosses to Basset Hounds. His head is massive, its forehead furrowed, the muzzle fairly deep to facilitate retrieving many kinds of game, the jaws long and powerful.

Gentle in expression, his large, dark amber eyes are a trifle loose lidded, while his ears are broad at the top and hang close to his head. His tail is docked and feathered; his weather resistant coat is straight and flat.

WEIGHT males 70 85 pounds; females 55 70 pounds, HEIGHT, males 19 20 inches; females 17 19 inches,

COLOR: white with lemon or orange markings.

GROUP: Sporting.

The Temperature

The dog’s normal rectal temperature is within the range of 100.5 ° F. to 102.5 ° F. A few tenths one way or the other has little significance. It may be slightly higher under excitement or following rough play; therefore, take the temperature when your dog is quiet or has been resting. An elevation over 102.5° F. should not be ignored. This indicates that the body is fighting an infection of some sort. A subnormal temperature of below 100 ° F. is also cause for alarm, since it may indicate internal bleeding, shock, or collapse.

The time of day at which the temperature is taken may affect the reading. Ordinarily the temperature rises in the afternoon and early evening and drops lower during the morning. When talking to your veterinarian, tell him the time of day the reading was made, as well as the day to day rise and fall.

Taking a dog’s temperature is easy. Use a regular clinical rectal type thermometer. Wash it carefully in tepid water, then shake down the mercury column with a quick flip of your wrist to below 95 ° F. Lubricate the bulb end with Vase line. Lay the patient on his side or have an assistant steady him for you. Insert the bulb about two inches into the rectum, and hold it there for a minute or two. Remove the thermome ter, wipe it off with a tissue, then determine the temperature. After use, wash the thermometer carefully with soap and tepid water, then immerse it in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes. Dry it and shut it up in its case.


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