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Spaniel English Springer Dog Breed Information

Spaniel English Springer

Named for the ancient spaniel trait of springing or flushing birds, the English Springer Spaniel became popular as a gun dog in America early in this century. He has a fairly broad head of medium length, a square muzzle with deep but not hanging lips.

His long feathered ears hang low; his eyes are dark brown or hazel. His body is fairly short, back straight, and tail docked. His coat may be flat or wavy but it must be thick enough to protect him when hunting in heavy cover. It is medium in length, glossy, and rather fine in texture.

WEIGHT: 45 55 pounds, HEIGHT: 19 20 inches, COLOR: black or liver with white markings; tricolor; black and white or liver and white with tan markings; blue or liver roan. GROUP: Sporting.

Spaniel English Springer The Sickroom

When a dog is ill he needs a room or corner of his own in which to recuperate. Protect him from noise and confusion and from the well meant attentions of children and unthink ing adults. He will be comforted by the quiet presence of his owner, but don’t talk too much. You’ll tire him out.

He needs, first of all, peace and quiet. The dog recovering from a serious disease like distemper may be thrown into convulsions by nothing more than the slam of a door or the shrieks of children playing. Or a frenzy of fear may be caused by the raising of a window shade and the entrance of sudden, stabbing light. Use dark shades, and keep the light fairly dim. Over one side of his bed throw a blanket to further shield the light, which will pain him if his eyes are affected.

Remove rugs and carpets so the floor can be easily cleaned, and cover the floor with newspapers or plastic. Ar range for enough air without drafts, and moderate heat that will remain even. Hang up a thermometer so that you can watch room temperature. Have some water bottles or a heat ing pad handy in case the patient needs additional warmth.

A table or a chest for medicine, utensils, everything used in the course of treatment will be helpful. And do not forget a pad upon which you note each dose of medicine and the time of day it was given. Wash all utensils carefully whenever used. Wash your hands before and after tending a sick dog.


Dog Breeds

Spaniel English Springer Dog Breed Information


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