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Spaniel Irish Water Dog Breed Information

Spaniel Irish Water Dog Breed

Tallest of the spaniels. The history of this breed dates back at least one thousand years. In the twelfth century, dogs found in southern Ire land below the River Shannon were called Shannon Spaniels, Irish Water Spaniels, or Rat tailed Spaniels. Here is a remarkable swimmer and retriever that is adept at hunting wild duck in marshes and lakes. He is short backed, high on leg, rounded in rump.

His forehead is high, his muzzle square and long, eyes keenly alert, and his curl covered ears hang low. His so called “rat tail,” thick at the root and covered for two or three inches with short curls, is a striking characteristic of the breed. His coat is a mass of tight, crisp curls, and on his head he wears a topknot with a widow’s peak between the eyes.

WEIGHT: males 55 65 pounds; females 45 58 pounds, HEIGHT: males 22 24 inches; females 21 23 inches, color: liver. Group: Sporting.

Spaniel Irish Water Nursing and Special Care

You don’t have to be an expert to know when your dog is sick. All you have to know is how he should look and act when he is well. The healthy dog is responsive and willing, runs and plays, is happy and reasonably fearless. His tail wags with enthusiastic messages. His face is expressive, his eyes bright and clear, his nostrils clean and slightly moist. His nose does not have to be cool, but it usually is.

The insides of his ears are pale pink; a little wax is normal, but excessive amounts are not. His breath should smell pleasant, and the tissues inside his mouth should also be pink. His skin is smooth and supple, and his coat is glossy. There is a certain springiness about him that shows pleasure in all he does. He eats eagerly, drinks rather sparingly.



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