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Spaniel Sussex Dog Breed Info

Spaniel Sussex Dog Breed

Developed in England to be a slow moving spaniel that hunters could follow on foot, the Sussex was often used for upland shooting. He is not used as a hunter in this country, probably because he lacks sufficient speed for the average sportsman. His back is long and muscular, body low to the ground.

The head is big, with heavy brows, square muzzle, and hanging lips. His hazel eyes are soft and appealing, and his thick fringed ears drop low. The tail is docked; his flat coat is heavy with feathering on legs, stern, and tail.

WEIGHT. 35 45 pounds, HEIGHT 16 17 inches, COLOR: rich golden liver. GROUP: Sporting.

Spaniel Sussex Eyedropper.

Blunt tipped scissors: for cutting hair away from wounds, especially on hairy dogs.
In snake country, carry a snakebite kit of anti venom. It may mean the difference between life and death for your dog. If you don’t, at least carry a suction cup and a sealed packet of razor blades (these are more efficient than a pocketknife for opening snakebites).

Spaniel Sussex Dog Breed Info


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