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Spaniel Welsh Springer Dog Breed Information

Spaniel Welsh Springer Dog Breed

An old breed from Wales, the Welsh Springer was kept as a hunting dog. While very much like the English Springer, he is smaller, somewhat finer, and only red and white in color. His head is moderately long, muzzle straight and square with strong jaw, ears hanging close to the cheeks, and dark eyes. His body is deep and not long, his tail is docked and feathered, and his coat is flat, thick, and silky.

WEIGHT 35 45 pounds, HEICHT about 17 19 inches, COLOR: red and white.

GROUP: Sporting.

Spaniel Welsh Springer First Aid Kit
A first aid kit can help save your dog’s life in an emer gency. The following items should be kept at home, in a clearly labeled box or carton, in a location known to every family member. Replace them when tfyey are used. Take them with you when you travel with your dog.

Sterile gauze dressings (generally in sizes 3 by 3 and 4 by 4): to protect wounds and help stop bleeding.
Gauze bandage: 1 or 2 inch wide rolls.

Self adhesive bandage: elastic wrap to hold dressings in place.
First aid tape: to hold dressings and bandage in place.
Cotton/cotton balls/cotton swabs: for applying oint ments, swabbing wounds, etc.
3 hydrogen peroxide: to clean wounds and to induce vomiting.
First aid cream or antibacterial skin ointment: to soothe minor rashes and burns.
Antiseptic: for minor cuts.
Germicidal soap: for cleaning and disinfecting wounds.
Disposable enema: to relieve constipation.
Ophthalmic ointment/drops.
Activated charcoal tablets or powder: to absorb poisons.
Motion sickness preparation: to prevent car or airsick ness.
Any medication your dog takes.
Maalox or other coating type antacid.
Kaopectate, Donnagel, or other antidiarrheal preparation.
Aspirin: for relief of pain. Never give on an empty stomach; add to food or milk. Dosage is based on body weight; your veterinarian will advise how much to give.
Children’s medicine spoon or syringe (with needle re moved): for administering liquids.
Rectal thermometer; petroleum jelly is a good lubricant for the thermometer.
Tweezers or forceps.

Spaniel Welsh Springer Dog Breed Information

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