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Staffordshire Ball Terrier Dog Breed Information

Staffordshire Ball Terrier Dog Breed

His ancestors were the bull and bear baiting dogs of Elizabethan England. In the early nineteenth century, when dog fighting was popu lar, Bulldogs were crossed with small terriers, possibly ancestors of today’s Manchesters, to get smaller, more agile dogs. This new breed became the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Here is a robust though agile medium size dog with level topline, wide front, and deep brisket. His head is short and deep, with a broad skull, very pronounced cheek muscles, and short muzzle, dark round eyes, and rather small rose or half pricked ears. The coat is short and smooth.

WEIGHT: 24 38 pounds, HEIGHT: 14 16 inches, COLOR: red, fawn, white, black, blue; any of these colors with white.

GROUP: Terrier.

Staffordshire Ball Terrier Hunting Accidents

Accidents that happen to dogs in the home and on the street can also occur on hunting and camping trips, where you may be miles from the nearest veterinarian or even from your car. Broken glass and opened tin cans hidden in rock piles or brush where the dog is hunting may cut a pad or leg.

Sometimes a poorly directed shot or another hunter mistaking your moving dog for the quarry causes a gunshot wound. A dog that is severely wounded may go into shock, falling down, breathing shallowly, with eyes staring and glazed. In all such cases, keep your dog as quiet as possible, cover him with a blanket or your jacket, and put him in a comfortable place. Get to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Heat prostration often occurs when dogs hunt in warm weather after a long layoff. Dogs suffering from the heat will often develop thick saliva and foam in their mouths. They will breathe noisily and their tongues will hang out.
First aid for heatstroke is to cool the animal down quickly. This can be done by immersing him up to the neck in cool water or by spraying cool water over his body. Use a rectal thermometer to take the dog’s temperature every ten minutes; when it drops to 103 ° F., remove him from the water. If water is not available, rubbing alcohol sponged on the skin will help lower the temperature. Rinse the dog’s mouth with water, if he is conscious, or give small quantities of water to drink. Get to a veterinarian immediately.

Cuts from barbed wire should be treated to prevent in fection. In camp, close all discarded empty cans. This pre vents not only the chance of a cut foot but also the chance of food poisoning, since the dog might otherwise lick the food still inside a long discarded can. Especially in the summer months, food spoils quickly, so all garbage should be burned or buried and the spot covered with a heavy stone.

Your dog may get a foot caught in an animal trap. First apply an emergency muzzle. If you have nothing with which to make a muzzle, wrap your coat around the head to keep the dog from biting. Place the trap flat on the ground and step on the spring so the jaws open and you can pull out the dog’s foot. Treat the cuts, and if the foot is broken, get to a veterinarian as soon as possible.



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Staffordshire Ball Terrier Dog Breed Information

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