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Starfish Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum of Starfish: Echinodermata
Class of Starfish: Asteroidea
Starfish Scientific Name: Protoreaster Nodosus
Starfish Type: Asteroidea
Diet of Starfish: Omnivore
Starfish Size: 5-20cm (2-20in)
Starfish Weight: 0.1-6kg (0.2-13lbs)
Top Speed of Starfish: 12.8km/h (8mph)
Life Span of Starfish: 3-27 years
Starfish Lifestyle: Solitary
Starfish Conservation Status: Threatened
Skin Starfish Type: Rough
Starfish Favourite Food: Crustaceans
Habitat of Starfish: Shallow to deeper coastal waters
Average Litter Starfish Size: 1,000,000
Starfish Main Prey: Crustaceans, Worms, Sea Urchins
Predators of Starfish: Fish, Rays, Sharks
Starfish Special Features: Long arms and suckers on their feet


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