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He should be taught never to enter an automobile unless expressly ordered to do so by any command you may choose, such as “In, Jock!” or the cluck we have found so useful for two other orders. Here again the cluck gives permission to do something your pup is very anxious to do and he cannot pretend to confuse it with any other command and get away with it. You will notice I’ve suggested the use of “In, Jock!” instead of plain “In!” for this case.

This is neither by chance nor by accident, but because it is an added protection against thieves who do not know the pup’s name. So it’s a good idea to precede the cluck, if you adopt it, with the name too. My reason for reversing the order if you use the cluck is that the latter has become a definite “go” signal to Jock and he’ll wait for no additional hint. “In,” on the contrary, is used in no other connection. Whatever form your command may take, hold the pup to it to prevent a freeforall between the two of you to see who will be inside first.
Training for correct conduct in a car is exceedingly simple, although, as in the whole training proposition, you can’t hurry it. The groundwork is vitally important; take plenty of time to get the fundamentals well fixed and the frills will be easy.

When Jock tries to scramble into your car without permission, which he undoubtedly will do every time he thinks he sees a ride ahead, jerk him back on his haunches sharply with your leash and give him the command to sit. See that he holds this position until you are in the car and seated at the wheel. Or, if you teach him his motoring manners before you teach him to sit, jerk him back in the same way, put yourself between him and the car, stand facing him and get into the car backwards. Still facing him so that you can flick his nose with the leash, repeat “No, no!” as often as necessary to keep him in his place and use your raised hand or index finger to make the order more emphatic. Now slide easily back of the wheel and sit in driving position. This whole series of moves should be very deliberate with plenty of time between each; and when you are at the wheel sit there for a moment or two before you say “In, Jock!” or cluck.

If by any chance Jock is timid or backward about climbing into the car, get in yourself as before, then use your leash or (if you are dealing with a very small pup) a cord considerably longer than the leash, as a persuader. Encourage the pup by your voice and whistle and, if necessary, sit on the running board and help him up to that point with a lift. But be sure you are always ahead of him with every new position you take, never behind him. In this, as in the other case, insist on obedience to your command or cluck. However re tiring or even reluctant Jock may be at the mo ment, you’ll find it absolutely necessary later, if you are to escape that freeforall to see who is in first.

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