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The Adult Dog Maturity

The small or medium size dog will probably have reached his full height by the time he is ten months of age, although his shape will continue to change for a few months longer. Larger breeds mature more slowly and continue growing up to eighteen months. Except for the slower developing large dogs, growth beyond the ten month stage is mostly rib spread, or rounding out, and settling into the body conformation of the breed. In most cases, then, except for the large and giant size breeds, the ten month old dog can be considered an adult.While the basic food requirements are the same as those of the earlier, or 7 10 month stage, the amount of food consumed daily will be slightly but not a great deal more. It is recommended that two feedings per day or self feeding be continued for the remainder of the dog’s life. Some dogs, however, are content with only one meal a day, offered in the morning or evening.It’s not wise to abruptly switch from feeding two meals per day to a single feeding. For perhaps two weeks, offer a biscuit at the missed mealtime. When cutting down on the number of meals, though, be sure to supply the correct amount of food at the remaining mealtime. Serve it at room temperature or warmed, but never too cold or too hot.

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