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The Black Month Theory

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The Black Month Theory
A common mistaken notion is that the roof of a dog’s mouth must be black or at least dark colored if he is a true purebreed. This is nonsense, so do not use it as a yardstick when selecting a puppy. Of all the purebred dogs at present, the Chow Chow and Chinese Shar Pei are the only breeds whose tongues and inner mouth membranes are always bluish black in color. If any other dog has a dark mouth, it is mere chance. It means nothing.

Soft Spot
Besides the joints, tendons, and leg muscles, which may be injured by a fall, the puppy has a very tender surface on top of his head known as the “soft spot.” While the chance of incomplete or slow hardening of the skull differs in breeds or individuals, the top of a puppy’s head is always a highly vulnerable spot.

See to it that your pup is never dropped on his head. Take care that he doesn’t strike himself against chairs, beds, and in fact any hard object during those earliest play periods when he is just beginning to use his legs. Perhaps the best answer to this problem is to give him a place to play where there is little or no furniture. The most important precaution of all is to instruct the children not to pick up the puppy until they have been taught how to hold him safely.

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