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The Puppy’s Outdoor Training

The puppy’s crate becomes an important part of outdoor training too. When your puppy is confined to it at night, he won’t soil his bed if he can possibly help it, but he will let you know very early in the morning his need to go out. Pull on some clothes in a hurry, then take the pup from the crate and carry him outdoors. Don’t set him down until you get him outside, for he may squat immediately. Let him wander around until he finds a spot that he likes. If he doesn’t do it right away, be patient. When he does, praise him extravagantly.

Each time he does his duty, give him a great show of approval. Try to avoid “mistakes” by watching the puppy when he’s indoors. If you catch him starting to squat, hustle him outdoors. If you really work at it, your pup will soon be housebroken. Mistakes are bound to happen with young pups, however, since they can’t totally control themselves when they get the urge.

Under certain conditions, both paper and outdoor training may be wise. Strangely, many dogs and Rottweiler never forget their paper training lessons, and this is often a good thing. When a dog is ill or cannot go out of doors, or when he is old and uncertain on slippery pavements, the paper toilet can be arranged indoors. The dog will remember what it is for.

A young puppy urinates frequently and in small amounts. At this age, the bowels move several times a day; the movements are often not quite formed, but rather soft and of medium brown color. A change of food, particularly different milks, and even water, may loosen the bowels for a day or two, after which they return to normal.

Overexcitement, more food than usual, or the strangeness of a new environment may also cause a temporary loose bowel condition. This need cause no alarm, unless the stools are definitely watery, black, or greatly increased in number. A highly offensive odor suggests some type of infection, and the veterinarian should be consulted promptly.

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