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Tibetan Spaniel Dog Breed Info

Tibetan Spaniel Dog Breed

An ancient breed that probably has common ancestors with several Oriental breeds including Pekingese and Japanese Chins. Used for centuries by Buddhists of Tibet to keep watch over their monasteries. Accepted for AKC registration in 1984. Here is a lively, silky coated little dog, a bit longer in body than he is high, with level back, slightly bowed front legs, and richly plumed tail carried over the back.

His head, small in proportion to his body, is slighdy domed, with a blunt muzzle, expressive dark eyes, and slighdy undershot mouth.

WEIGHT. 9 15 pounds, HEIGHT about 10 inches, COLOR: all colors and mixtures.

GROUP: Non Sporting.

Tibetan Spaniel Automobile Accidents

No matter how careful you are to protect your dog from street traffic, there may come a time when he is hit by a car or truck. Always approach a hurt dog cautiously, reassuring him with your voice. His fear and pain may make him bite. For easier handling, use a bandage muzzle of a strip of gauze or cloth, or even a necktie if nothing else is available.

Slide him carefully onto a plank or other hard object, a stretched blanket or coat (keeping it taut), and carry him to a quiet spot or into your car. If a leg seems to be broken, keep it as straight as possible. If the bone has broken through the skin, cover the punctured area with a gauze dressing or clean handkerchief and apply a temporary splint or support the leg with something soft to immobilize it. This will prevent the sharp point or edge from cutting a blood vessel should the dog move or struggle.

When there is a gash or cut, put a gauze dressing or piece of cloth over the wound and secure it in place with a bandage. In a leg injury, always start at the foot and work upward. Apply the bandage firmly but not too tightly, as this would stop the blood flow.

If the head must be bandaged, wrap the bandage across the forehead (maintaining the ears in regular position), down the side of the face, under the jaw, and up over the other side of the face, repeating until several layers have been applied. The bandage should be tucked here and there to keep it in place, making sure that breathing is not obstructed.

If blood from a wound is spurting, you can be fairly sure an artery has been cut. In that case, haste is essential, for a dog can lose a significant amount of blood if the hemorrhag ing continues too long. Use a pressure bandage and get emer gency veterinary aid as quickly as possible. Except in the case of snakebite, most first aiders do not recommend the use of a tourniquet (a twist of cloth or whatever else is available to cut off circulation), even if the wound involves a limb. Tourni quets are not as effective as applying pressure and may cause the loss of a leg because of interruption of blood circulation.

After an accident a dog will suffer from shock. This is characterized by shivering, confusion, weak pulse, and pale and grayish lips and gums (normally they are bright pink). These signs may also indicate internal bleeding. First aid for shock is to wrap the dog in a coat or blanket to keep him warm; seek veterinary treatment immediately. Intravenous fluid therapy will usually be given.



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Tibetan Spaniel Dog Breed Info


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