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The Tibetan Terrier, an ancient breed, is said to have originated in the Lost Valley in Tibet. So inaccessible was Lost Valley that the occasional visitor was given a dog to safeguard the trip to the outside world. So it was that Dr. A.H.R. Greig received a dog from a Tibetan patient. In India, and later in England, the physician bred and raised a number of Tibetan Terriers. The Tibetans may be any color, including white. Their double coat covers a compact and powerful body. The medium-length feathered tail, set on fairly high, is carried in a gay curl over the back. Frequently, there is a kink near the tip.

To protect the animal from the rough terrain during the Tibetan winters, the dog has large round feet, heavily furnished with hair between the toes and pads. In general appearance, he somewhat resembles a miniature Old English Sheepdog. The terrier part of the name is a misnomer, since the breed does not burrow into the ground nor does it have a terrier disposition. The Tibetan is quiet about the house and is an excellent watchdog, with a unique bark that starts on a low note and rises like a siren.

Although there are several hundred breeds registered with canine organizations around the world, we have stressed those principally M in the American Kennel Club stud , which is more exclusive than the Social Register. Starting in 1878 with just 10 breeds, it I was not too difficult to be listed in those early years.

Height: 14-16 inches (36-41 cm); weight: 18-30pounds (8-14 kg).

But from 1945, when the Black and Tan Coonhound made the grade, until 1977, when the Bearded Collie became the 122nd breed eligible to be shown, only eight other j breeds had been accepted. A stepping stone fora listing is the miscellaneous class. This class has been provided so breeds long established in their native lands may have an opportunity to compete against each other.

When theA.K.C. feels a breed has expanded sufficiently over a wide geographic area in the United States, it may be admitted for listing in the stud.

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Tibetan Terrier


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