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Vulture Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum of Vulture: Chordata
Class of Vulture: Aves
Vulture Order: Accipitriformes
Family of Vulture: Accipitridae
Genus of Vulture: Aegypiinae
Vulture Scientific Name: Aegypius Monachus
Vulture Type: Bird
Diet of Vulture: Carnivore
Size (H): 64cm – 81cm (25in – 32in)
Wing Span: 130cm – 183cm (51in – 72in)
Vulture Weight: 0.85kg – 2.2kg (1.9lbs – 5lbs)
Top Speed of Vulture: 48km/h (30mph)
Life Span of Vulture: 20 – 30 years
Vulture Lifestyle: Solitary
Vulture Conservation Status: Endangered
Vulture Colours: Black, White, Grey, Tan, Brown
Skin Vulture Type: Feathers
Vulture Favourite Food: Rats
Habitat of Vulture: Deserts, savannah and grassland near water
Average Clutch Vulture Size: 2
Vulture Main Prey: Rats, Small and large animal carcasses
Predators of Vulture: Hawks, Snakes, Wild cats
Distinctive Features: Large wings and sharp, curved beak

vulture 4 Vulture

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