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Walrus Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum of Walrus: Chordata
Class of Walrus: Mammalia
Walrus Order: Carnivora
Family of Walrus: Odobenidae
Genus of Walrus: Odobenus
Walrus Scientific Name: Odobenus rosmarus
Common Name: Walrus
Other Name(s): Atlantic Walrus, Pacific Walrus
Group: Mammal
Number Of Species: 2
Location: Arctic Circle
Habitat of Walrus: Ice floes and rocky, remote coastlines
Walrus Colours: Grey, Brown
Skin Walrus Type: Hair
Size (L): 2.25m – 3.5m (7.5ft – 11.5ft)
Walrus Weight: 400kg – 1,700kg (880lbs – 3,740lbs)
Top Speed of Walrus: 35kph (22mph)
Diet of Walrus: Carnivore
Prey: Shellfish, Worms, Snails
Predators of Walrus: Humans, Killer Whales, Polar Bears
Walrus Lifestyle: Diurnal
Group Behaviour: Herd
Life Span of Walrus: 40 – 50 years
Age Of Sexual Maturity: 6 – 10 years
Gestation Period: 15 months
Average Litter Walrus Size: 1
Name Of Young: Pup
Age Of Weaning: 2 years
Walrus Conservation Status: Near Threatened
Estimated Population Walrus Size: 200,000 – 250,000
Biggest Threat: Hunting and habitat loss
Most Distinctive Feature: Long tusks that can grow up to 1m long
Fun Fact: Inhabits the freezing waters of the Arctic Circle!

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