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Wasp Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum of Wasp: Arthropoda
Class of Wasp: Insecta
Wasp Order: Hymenoptera
Common Name: Wasp
Wasp Scientific Name: Hymenoptera
Found: Worldwide
Diet of Wasp: Omnivore
Wasp Size: 5-15mm (0.4-0.6in)
Number of Species: 75,000
Average Lifespan: 22 days
Wasp Conservation Status: Least Concern
Wasp Colours: Yellow, Black
Skin Wasp Type: Shell
Wasp Favourite Food: Nectar
Habitat of Wasp: Meadows, forests and rock faces
Average Litter Wasp Size: 400
Wasp Main Prey: Nectar, Insects, Caterpillars, Fruits
Predators of Wasp: Birds, Reptiles, Mammals
Wasp Special Features: Long antennae and black and yellow markings


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