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Welsh Corgi Cardigan Dog Breed

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi, one of the oldest breeds in the British Isles, is a low set, Dachshund like dog whose ancestors came to Cardi ganshire, Wales, with the Celts from Central Europe about 1200 R.C. Rather than just herding, they nip at the cattle’s heels and then drop close to the ground when they kick.This is a long, strong little dog, with deep chest and well sprung ribs, short legs with relatively large and rounded feet, and long tail like a fox’s brush. The foxy head tapers toward the eyes and muzzle. The medium size eyes are dark and widely set, the ears carried erect, rounded at the tip and rather large. The medium length coat is dense and hard.

WEIGHT: males 30 38 pounds; females 25 34 pounds,

HEIGHT: IOV2 I2V2 inches,

COLOR: Shades of red, sable, and brindle; black or blue merle with or without tan or brindle points. CROUP: Herding

Welsh Corgi Cardigan Insect Stings

Stings by bees, wasps, and hornets are common. Those on the body are not so serious since the coat serves as a protection, but those on the head, where the hair is often shorter, can cause pain and swelling. The latter are especially dangerous for short nosed breeds such as Pugs, Pekingese, Bulldogs, and others, because swelling around the throat can cause additional respiratory stress.

Extract the stinger with tweezers if you can see it. Apply a paste of baking soda and water or of boric acid powder and water to help relieve itching. Cold compresses will help to re duce swelling, which may not go down for twenty four hours.

Insect stings usually are not considered dangerous unless the eyes or nearby tissues are involved. Here, the pain is so intense that the dog scratches and frequently tears the eye with his nails. Your veterinarian can inject a local anesthetic to relieve the pain.




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