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Welsh Corgi Pembroke and Cardigan Corgis

Welsh Corgi Pembroke and Cardigan

Pembroke: height, 10-12 inches (25-30 cm); weight, 25-30 pounds (11-14 kg). Cardigan: height 10-12 inches (25-30 cm); weight, 28-33 pounds (13-15 kg).

The Corgis, from both Pembrokeshire and Cardiganshire, Wales, were bred to be cattle dogs. They moved the cows by nipping at their heels but had to be agile enough to avoid being kicked. The two varieties are very similar except for the Cardigan’s long tail and the Pembroke’s tail, which is docked as short as possible. Occasionally the Pembroke is born tailless.

The Cardigan is slightly taller and heavier, has a longer body, and has a distinct crook to the forelegs. Both are low-set, strong, and sturdily built. They give an impression of substance and stamina in a small space. They have an intelligent alert, foxy expression, watchful yet friendly. In color, the Pembroke is red (the most popular), sable, fawn, black, and tan. His medium-length coat has a short, thick, weather-resistant undercoat, and a coarser, longer outer coat.

The Cardigan’s colors are the same except he is also seen with all shades of brindle, tricolor, and blue merle. Both usually have flashings on the chest, neck, feet, face, and with the Cardigan, on the tip of his tail. Both learn quickly and are excellent dogs for an apartment since they are small, obedient, hardy, and loyal. They are great favorites of the British royal family.

Their name is derived from the Latin word terra, meaning earth, which describes the purpose of these bold, alert dogs. They were bred to be hunters who go underground after their prey. Noisiest of all the breeds, the terrier is an excellent burglar alarm. He has good feet, good teeth, and a punishing jaw. Playful and courageous, terriers have strong wills of their own but when trained make lovable companions. Ranging from the little 10-inch (25-cm) Australian, Cairn, and Norwich to the 23-inch (58-cm) giant Airedale, they all make good house pets and adapt well to city life.

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