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Welsh Terrier Dog Breed Information

Welsh Terrier

A very old breed, once known as the Black and Tan Wire Haired Terrier, the Welsh has been bred pure as a sporting terrier for more than 100 years in Wales. He is a medium size, rugged, compact dog with level topline, deep brisket, moderately wide chest, strong legs, and muscular thighs.

The head is rectangular, with a strong foreface, deep muzzle, and powerful jaws. The eyes are dark and almond shaped and the V shaped ears are carried forward, close to the cheeks. The coat is wiry and hard with a close fitting thick jacket.

WEIGHT. 18 20 pounds, HEIGHT 14 15 inches, COLOR: black and tan, or black grizzle and tan. GROUP: Terrier.

Welsh Terrier Encounters with Skunks

If your dog has had an argument with a skunk, you will want to take immediate steps to get rid of the odor, for your own sake as well as the dog’s. Skunk spray can be very irritating and you may see your dog pawing his eyes in misery. In such cases, flush the eyes with lukewarm water or a sterile eyewash, then place a small amount of ophthalmic ointment in each eye.

Then shampoo the dog as thoroughly as possible, rinse thoroughly, and towel the excess moisture from the coat. To remove the skunk odor, mix about 5 6 ounces of Massengill douche powder or liquid (available at most pharmacies) with a gallon of warm water. Pour the mixture over the coat. Don’t rinse it off; let it dry on the hair. Two or three treatments may be necessary.

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